Cincinnati Police Services

Police (Fire & Medical) Emergency Call 911 to report a crime or situation that is life threatening.

Police Non-Emergency  - Call 765-1212 to report a crime that is not life-threatening.

Telephone Crime Reporting Unit (TCRU) Call 352-2960 
For property crimes that are discovered after the fact such as finding your car was broken into or vandalism of your property, you can file an official police report over the telephone.

Drugs & Prostitution Call 352-3715 (street corner unit) or 352-2555 (vice unit)  
Uniformed police are usually not as effective as undercover officers at making arrests for drugs and prostitution because it is more difficult for them to obtain the specific evidence needed for prosecution.  The public generally does not understand that what seems obvious to them very often does not give an officer probable cause to stop and search a person in order to obtain sufficient evidence.  The police street corner and vice units focus on drug and prostitution crimes and depend on information received from communities to set up undercover operations.  Such operations are used to gather the evidence required for effective prosecution of these activities.  Call these numbers to report information related to these specific activities.  Be aware that in setting up undercover operations, police use information provided to define patterns of activity that enables them to make an arrest on future attempted crimes.  Also be aware that the more detailed information you can provide, the more useful it will be.  When gathering information, you should try to record a description of the offender, times when activity occurs, descriptions of vehicles and license plates, etc.  Look for marks that can uniquely describe a person such as tattoos or scars.  Pay attention to shoes that can be unique and are not as easily changed out as other pieces of clothing.  Reporting that 'They are dealing drugs on Ella St' will be less likely to get a productive response than something like 'They are dealing drugs on Ella St.  From 9pm until 3am every night there is a steady stream of cars stopping at 1704 Ella for short periods of time.' 

Gang Activity Call 721-GANG
This is the street gang hotline to report suspected gang related activity and signs.

Guns Hotline Call 352-GUNS to report a gun that is found.

For general questions and information, you should call the Police District 5 front desk at 352-3578.

You can also use the forms provided at the following links to recognize good work of an officer who has been particularly helpful, or to report a complaint.



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